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International Women's Month

On the final day of #internationalwomensmonth, I want to send warm regards to the amazing women in my network and to those I’ve met along my travels. This is my friend Dawa. She is fierce and kind and lives in a small village in the Himalayas. She is a single mother and cares for her son and his grandmother. Dawa is the first female trekking guide in kingdom of Bhutan which is in one of the poorest countries in the world. When its borders closed and travel was suspended, all of her income was lost. Last year, I sent funds to Dawa to help her family thru the coming months. We caught up over video this past weekend and Dawa told me she used part of the money for her family and she put the rest aside to buy bus tickets to Paro. Every day she travels four hours to the city and volunteers in the food bank to help her community. One of the many take aways of this past year has been that "we are in this all together" one of the questions in coming years will be "how did you show up?"

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