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Are you at the mercy of a conditioned mind?

Awareness is not the same as thought. It is a different dimension of consciousness. Awareness recognizes thought as background and notices what’s going on in your mind. It recognises the useless and destructive thoughts that are not helpful and are making you fearful and unhappy. Without awareness there is no free will. You are at the mercy of a conditioned mind. Fearful thinking wants all of your attention. The mind follows your attention. Mindfulness is not to make you comfortable. We don’t meditate to always feel good. It is to cultivate our compassionate attention to what is going on. It is to steadfast ourselves. It is a compassionate gesture to self. Loyalty to yourself. Letting go of judgments. Getting out of your own way long enough for your wisdom to arise. When we learn how to relax in the present moment we can learn how to relax in the unknown. #mindfulness #selfcare #wellness #mentalhealth #meditation #selflove #leadershipdevelopement #leadershipcoaching

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