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leadership coaching

Today we are required to accelerate our leadership and navigate shifting workscapes with resilience, empathy and flexibility. We need to do more with less and working from home sometimes does not offer the  usual support systems. As an external partner and coach, Jill can help;

Develop your personal and leadership presence 
Navigate stresses and difficult relationships at work

Cultivate and maintain focus

Increase productivity

Enhance creativity and  flexibility

Transition into new roles and responsibilities

Assess and develop Emotional Intelligence *

*Jill is certified in EQ-I 2.0 assessments, the world’s leading measure of Emotional Intelligence. She offers assessments from MHS and provides a debrief with suggestions on how to bring EQ components into balance.


job search & career transition

Finding a new job can be challenging at the best of times but it can be nerve racking during a pandemic! As a talent specialist, Jill has sourced candidates and clients for more than two decades and has placed hundreds of people into great jobs. She has worked as part of the HR team, an internal consultant and as an external recruiter. Jill understands what companies are looking for and how you can authentically position yourself for hire. Maybe “what’s next” is not a better version of what your current job. Maybe it’s something completely different. Maybe you don’t even know what that is. ​Jill supports clients in a deeper exploration of career change and purpose. 

interview or meeting

Request an interview for an open role or to discuss something new and exciting. These appointments are for by invitation only. 

If you would like to explore how coaching may be useful for you, contact Jill to discuss. 


 core values audit

Cultures are strong when people connect over what's important to them.

A core values audit explores the individual and core values that are operating within a company. Distinguishing these values and communicating what is“resonant” to the whole company, allows these values to be consciously maintained and creates a value based culture. 

building resilience

Today we are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety, worry for ourselves and others, job uncertainty and/or financial loss. How can we build the resilience needed to lead ourselves and others through these challenges and find opportunity on the other side? 


As a mindfulness facilitator, Jill offers individual, team and company mediations. Mindfulness is not only available "sitting on a cushion". Jill can work with you to create simple approaches that support your life circumstances and your well-being. Jill works with organizations to  provide an introduction session to mindfulness along with follow-up meditation sessions. She can also provide support for companies to establish and maintain their own Mindfulness practice for work.

Jill holds brief weekly meditations over zoom to support her network. Anyone can join by simply messaging her through the contact page and she will send you an invite. 

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