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building resilience

Today we are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety, worry for ourselves and others, job uncertainty and/or financial loss. How can we build the resilience needed to lead ourselves and others through these challenges and find opportunity on the other side? 


As a mindfulness facilitator, Jill offers individual, team and company mediations. Mindfulness is not only available "sitting on a cushion". Jill can work with you to create simple approaches that support your life circumstances and your well-being. Jill works with organizations to  provide an introduction session to mindfulness along with follow-up meditation sessions. She can also provide support for companies to establish and maintain their own Mindfulness practice for work.

I look forward to Mondays because the meditation seems to calm me and “right the ship” as I head into my often hectic week. It’s amazing the power in that little 15 minute block. ~MG, Telus Health


Jill offers weekly meditations every Monday 12-12:15 over zoom. Cameras off simply show up when you can. Please reach out if you would like to attend. 

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