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I have been recruiting in advertising and marketing tech for two decades. I have been retained to fill a single role, build out teams and to help set up new agencies.

I understand the impact that the talent mix has on culture, performance and overall business success. I recognize the importance of fit and the power of aligning values to encourage a deeper engagement. I believe  recruitment is an opportunity to establish your brand in the marketplace and to attract new and future employees. 


In addition to recruiting, I am a seasoned hr professional and I am certified in gestalt high skills coaching and eq assessments. My experience and training provide me with valuable insights and tools to work with candidates and hiring managers effectively. 


I provide, if requested, support with transitioning new hires at no extra cost. 


Transitioning:  New hires are especially vulnerable as they navigate the new role, relationships and culture and they are often uncomfortable asking for help or questioning expectations. This can result in a slower integration or a completely failed hire.


I have transitioned hundreds of new employees and provide:


  • A detailed profile report for the hiring manager which captures the insights and feedback from the conversations I’ve had with while conducting references and the many discussions with a new hire such as why they accepted the offer and what they hope for their future with your company. 

  • Bi weekly or monthly check-ins with new hires to explore challenges and/or any disconnects regarding expectations.

  • Support for new managers onboarding a team member. (the first ninety days HBR)

  • Resilience coaching to reduce anxiety and allow for a calmer, effective onboard.

  • Representation of your brand as supportive and committed to the onboard and success of a new employee.

I treat everyone with respect, discern fit and engage successfully.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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