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unique journey

For more than two decades, I have been helping individuals thrive at work and develop their leadership through self- awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience. I have worked in executive HR roles in advertising and technology agencies and understand the pressures and demands of a fast paced environment. I coach people to optimize their performance and manage the day to day stress and shifting priorities. 

My coaching certification was completed at the International Study Center in Cape Cod in Gestalt High Skills Coaching. The gestalt approach is grounded in skilled inquiry and awareness. It uses curiosity and experimentation to identify the results that you would like achieve and explore the challenges that are laid out  presently and as they arise. I am also certified in EQ.-i.20, EQ 360 assessments and mindfulness facilitation. With a combination of awareness, emotional intelligence and skilled coaching, we work to gain  insights into the challenges and opportunities that exist and create steps to move forward in work and life.

Areas: Developing your personal and leadership presence, navigating stress and difficult relationships at work,  Cultivating and maintaining focus, increasing productivity, enhancing creativity and flexibility, transitioning into new roles and responsibilities, Increasing Emotional Intelligence. 

I have participated and led leadership initiatives such as supporting high potential employees, women in leadership, inclusivity, understanding white fragility and LGBTQ2S+ and creating mindfulness strategies for  dealing with the day to day stress of work and life.

If you would like to explore how coaching may be useful for you, contact me to discuss. 

 I needed some honest feedback and tangible tools to manage my job search effectively. Jill understands the market and how get the interview. She helped me see options, present my best self and navigate the process. The results of success, personal growth and self-awareness would never have been achieved without her expertise. ~AW, Creative Director

The way that Jill was able to ask all the right questions and had insightful exercises to help turn challenges to opportunities. 

Working with Jill to find new approaches my career was invaluable.  ~CW, Executive Director, North America

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