What people have to say about Jill

"Jill brings to coaching a high degree of intuition, wisdom, and empathy. Her desire to support others’ growth is apparent in every interaction, and she strikes an effective balance of actively listening and provoking creative new ways of looking at things to find actionable solutions.” 

“Jill uses various tools and asks all the right questions. She has a unique and uncanny ability to pick up the different rhythm patterns of a company and assist the employer in making the right additions to create a harmonious, productive and profitable environment."

"During the completion of our culture audit we had a high level of engagement with Jill and the findings have helped us understand what our team members value and need to be fulfilled in being part of our agency. Jill delivered other insights that have been of great value; on general engagement needs, training initiatives, compensation etc.” 

“I’ve known Jill for several years, and she is outstanding. She is high integrity and great at adding value through relationships. She’s very well versed in Tribal Leadership, and finds a way to build stronger cultures in her clients’ organizations." 

"For 7 years we ran Teehan+Lax without spending too much time thinking about company values or culture. We hired Jill to perform a culture audit to help us understand where we were as a company. Working with Jill and Dave Logan offered us insights and tools that we could use to understand where we were as a company and what defined our values in a way that felt honest to us (not corporate B.S.). Working with Jill and David on this was some of the most important thinking we did as a company and allowed us to scale without losing sight of who we were and why we came to work every day." 

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