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Growing up in Newfoundland, I was raised on strong tea and colourful conversations. People came together through their stories. I came to appreciate conversation as a powerful way to create connection, explore perspective and create something new. 


Today, living in Toronto, I am a recruiter, coach and trusted advisor. My work is grounded in conversations that explore what's important to individuals, teams and organizations. I uncover what makes a person unique and the common values that connect us. It is these values that lay the foundation for creating a terrific career, developing strong leaders and building a great company.


My values are curiosity, service and connection. I live these values everyday by having powerful conversations, volunteering in my communities and treating people with kindness.

I continue to develop my own perspective though travel and reflection. I've taught English in the temples of Laos, prayed in a Spanish monastery and observed the Sabbath on the Holy Isle of Scotland. I've studied Buddhism in Nepal and meditated in the temples of Bhutan.


In both work and in my travels, I have met leaders who share a common trait of deep awareness of themselves and the people around them. They understand that by first pausing to observe and consider, we can see how things truly are and the choices that are available. They have inspired me to provoke a thoughtful curiosity in my clients that explores their choices and moves them towards their goals. 

"What is life requiring you to develop and explore?"

Jill Fagan 



ICF - International Coaching Federation

ACC Associate Certified Coach (ICF)



High Skills Impact Coaching - Gestalt International Study Center



Cultivating Compassion - Compassion Institute Stanford University

Leading People Leading Organizations - Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

EQ-i 2.0® Emotional Intelligence

EQ-i 2.0® Assessment Certification - Multi Health Systems


Foundation for Mindfulness, Mindfulness at Work, Mindfulness Facilitation - University of Toronto

Tribal Leadership Coaching Intensive - Culture sync

Memorial University of Newfoundland




Enneagram at Work

Search Inside Yourself

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BLM Toronto


Center for Humane Technology



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